A Sweet Award

A few days ago I read a comment on my blog from Barbara at Grade ONEderful that said she had a surprise for me on her blog.  I hurried over to see, and it was the Favorite Follower Award!

Wow!  I was deeply touched.  What a wonderful surprise! Barbara's blog is always inspiring and filled with easy, practical and worthwhile ideas, and they are free.

This award is a nice way to reciprocate to those who read and comment on one's blog. Wish I could pass it on to all of my followers because I greatly appreciate every single one! However there are three blogging friends whose support and cheery comments have really helped me, and guess what, Barbara is one of those!  So, here's looking back at you, Grade ONEderful!

Grade ONEderful

Kimberley at First in Maine is another favorite follower.  She's a new first grade teacher with interesting insights into the job. I value her comments and viewpoints.

Jill at Mrs. T's First Grade Class is also a super follower.  Her blog is just jam packed with the best ideas, many of them hands on activities, and there are links to free downloads.  I love reading her ideas.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to stop in to visit.  I appreciate you all.

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  1. That's really sweet of you, Dee. Thanks and have a GREAT week :)

  2. Hi Dee. I see you dropped by my blog. Thanks for coming by.

    Forever in First

  3. Your words about me are so sweet, they make me want to drive to your school and give you a hug. Then take you out for a drink to talk about our curriculum. :)

    And the great part is...I could!

    First in Maine

  4. nice idea. thanks for sharing...

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment!! The feeling is mutual. You have so many great ideas on your blog.



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