Spring Books and a Freebie

I love the season of Spring!  The changes seem to happen overnight. We go from stark winter scenery to lovely spring greens and blossoms.

Here are a few of the books we are reading about Spring.

Below are the patterns for our springtime umbrella.  This is an old pattern and I've altered it by adding the sections at the bottom of the umbrella top.  The added sections are where the children can write their favorite spring words.  After writing their words, coloring and cutting it all out, punch a hole in the middle of the umbrella top, and the top of the handle.  Then thread a piece of yarn through the handle and through the hole of the umbrella top.  Tape the umbrella top together.  Cute! To see a picture of a finished umbrella, click here.

I don't know who designed this craft, so if you know the origin of the pattern, please let me know so that I can give credit to the designer. You can read all about our umbrellas at my Spring Umbrellas post.

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  1. Thanks for the umbrella pattern. I'm going to have my kids make these next year.
    Connie :)

  2. Thanks, Dee! I'm doing this for sure. In fact it's raining right now :)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. I've heard that there has been a lot of rain out there in the Pacific Northwest!

  3. Those umbrellas are cute! We had a couple storms roll through Ohio and now we're getting very hot humid weather for may...no longer spring-like more summer! haha. Thanks for commenting on my blog. The interview process is so daunting and not something I look forward to, but always hopeful! And the answer to your question about positions..they made it seems like they would be hiring for a couple because there are a few older teachers that will be retiring, so at least it's not just for one position! :)


  4. Thanks for sharing the umbrellas. I'm thinking about using them with flowers dripping off of them since it's time for May flowers.
    Your newest follower,
    Owl Things First

  5. Hi! Found your blog today! I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...




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