Currently February!

It's time to link up to Farley's February Currently already!  I just can't believe how fast time is zipping by.  Before you know it, it'll be time for our February vacation. Yeah!

I wrote this out quickly yesterday, and now that I look at my responses, I can sense a theme.  Can you?

Happy February everybody!

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  1. our 100th day is wednesday too. Have fun!! Your blog is so beautiful.

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

  2. A theme...hmm...shopping, sunshine, vacation...could the theme be ANYTHING but teaching? Ha ha.
    I've never heard of the Zelda Fairy Fountain song. I'm going to look for it on iTunes.
    AND, wait a minute! Hang on! February vacation!?!? How lucky are YOU? I'm very jealous. We have to wait until spring break in March ~ SOB
    Have a great week, bloggy friend!

    Grade ONEderful

    1. The Zelda song comes from the Zelda games. Been hooked on those since our first Nintendo system in the late 80's (was it that long ago?)

      Yeah, Feb. vacation!!! Here in New England it's what most schools do. We have a week off in Feb., and a week off in April. Saves on heating! Although many schools in Conn. and Mass. are not taking Feb. break because they had so many days off in Oct. because of the massive devastation of the big snowfall at that time.

  3. Have a fun time at 100th day tomorrow! We're doing it too, obviously ;)

    I can't WAIT for vacation!

    First in Maine

  4. I bet it does look pretty outside! I love the Zelda music, too. Now I'll have it playing in my head the rest of the night. HA!



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