Back to Sausage!

It's Back to Sausage time, as my sister, my daughter and I say (we're all teachers).  My sister, who taught for 23 years, always appreciated her break in the summer (don't we all?) and so she invented this substitution.  In the summer we could never say the word school.  Instead we simply substituted sausage for school.  Funny!  Of course, we all love our jobs, love teaching and are passionate about it.  But in the summer, the break is refreshing and we needed to separate for a bit.  So sausage was and still is the word!  

Last weekend I got to spend some very special time with a sister-in-law who just cracked up when we spoke about "sausage."  She is about to begin a new job as a school psychologist in Washington state and she has a very keen sense of humor.  Said she was going to bring this little idea out to the west coast.  HAHA!

It's Back to School, er, SAUSAGE everyone!  

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  1. Sausage! I love it. :) Yes, it is a bit rough adjusting back to the busy, craziness of the school year, but I definitely wouldn't change this for anything else. Wishing you a successful, enjoyable school year.



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