Top 3 Things Linky Party

Simply 2nd Resources is having a Top 3 Things Linky Party.
What are the top three things I want to focus on this year?
  1. Incorporate my new LCD projector in lessons and everyday classroom use.  Thanks to our fabulous PTC, I was awarded a grant to purchase an LCD projector.  Can't wait to play around with it!
  2. Zero in on individual conferences in the Self-Selected Reading block.  It's during this block that I meet with students one on one.  I'd like to find ways to increase the effectiveness of this precious time.
  3. Open up and analyze our new learning targets to make sure that each child is working toward mastery of these new standards.  I need to find an organizational strategy in order to see the big picture.
Thanks, Becca!  As I get into the swing of things again, it helps to take a closer look at a few important goals.

Here is where you can link up to this Top 3 Things Linky Party.

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