Meet the Teacher Monday

Blog Hoppin' started a new blog and is hosting a Teacher Week.  Today is Meet the Teacher Monday.  How cool is that!

A little something about me....
(Can I skip this question?  This truly is the hardest question in Meet the Teacher because I am a shy person!  Garrison Keillor, where are those Powdered Milk Biscuits when a shy person really needs one?)  

Phew!  OK, now that I got that little tantrum out of the way, here goes. 

I'm a first grade teacher in the lovely, Vacationland state of Maine.  I have three children, all successful young adults and I love them dearly.  I recently completed a Master's Degree in Education at the University of New England and loved, loved, loved getting back into academia!  

How long have I been teaching...
I taught for 5 years before I became a stay-at-home mom with my three children.  I've now been back in the field for 16 years, with 12 of them in first grade.  Time flies!

What you may not know...

I have an old Betsy Ross Spinet piano that I just love playing (although poorly).  I like to tell my boys and girls that even though I don't play well, I keep on trying, and I know I'm getting better (Honestly? That's wishful thinking on my part).  

What I'm looking forward to this year...
  • I'm quite excited to begin a new year with new little first graders! Six and seven year olds are both fascinating and engaging little people.  
  • I received an LCD projector in a mini grant from the PTC group at my school. I'm eager to try it out and to incorporate it into my classroom practices. I'd love any tips and/or websites with ideas!  
  • I'm going to borrow a class slogan from the Efficacy Institute in Boston, and Peres Elementary in California, "Work hard! Get smart!" Can't wait to build on that theme.
      What I would like to improve...
      • I would like to be more organized in every way.
      • I'd like to maximize reading conference time.
        What teaching supplies I cannot live without...
        • caffeine (any form!)
        • sticky notes
        • flip chart markers
        • "Comprehension," the newest publication by Pat Cunningham, James Cunningham and Dorothy Hall.

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          1. Oh, I'm shy too! I always think it's funny that I teach. But it's easy to talk in front of the little kids :)

            I just noticed that "Comprehension" is for K-6. Did you find there was lots of stuff in it geared to Grade 1?


            Grade ONEderful

          2. Hi Dee! "Heavens, they're tasty and expeditious." :)

          3. Barbara,
            Yes, the comprehension lesson formats in "Comprehension" can be adopted for first grade easily. I especially love the final chapter in this book because it's all about the research. Fascinating stuff!

          4. Okay, thanks. I think I'll pick it up.

            Grade ONEderful



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